Kim Kardashian urges the working class to “Get up and work”, improves rates of self-employment in women by 50 per cent

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“Get up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days” 

Kim Kardashian’s unsolicited but nevertheless true advice is already working wonders. Outrage over her accusation is replaced by inspiration and deep self-reflection, and with that kind of deep self-reflection comes results. Kardashian has managed to improve the rates of self-employed women by nearly 50 per cent internationally.

Small business owner, Mary Montgage, says that Kardashian’s advice was a wake-up call. “I’ve been in the clothing industry for 20 years and not once has anyone provided me with the advice Kim has. Even after working through and surviving a pandemic as a clothing retailer, I realized it wasn’t enough. 

“We have to do better. Whatever level Kim is at, we must strive for that.”

Montgage is now dabbling in skincare for her retail store, and through countless nights of working, no days off, and several mental breakdowns later, her business is seeing a slight return of pre-pandemic profits.

“I’ve also encouraged my friends to listen to Kim’s advice. We could all be doing more. It doesn’t matter that we all work two or three jobs, parent our children, put food on the table, and maintain societal standards. We just have to do more. I mean, look at Kim. She has four kids, manages different business endeavours, is pursuing a law degree, and she does it all alone. It’s truly inspiring,” adds Montgage.

Excalibur also had the chance to speak directly with local celebrity influencer Ana Louis Smith’s personal assistant, Joane Wick. She expressed distaste over Kardashian’s comments and thinks Kardashian doesn’t know what it means to work properly and honestly if you grew up with a “silver spoon in your mouth.”

“I work as a personal assistant and as the owner of a small business on the side. And yes, my business has seen improvements after I took Kim’s advice, but it doesn’t make her comments any less harsh,” says Wick.

Lifestyle guru and coach, Brandy Misville, thinks Kardashian is 100 per cent in the right, and is surprised these comments weren’t made sooner. “As women, we constantly have to raise the bar higher. We shouldn’t make society keep up with us. We have to meet the unrealistic goals society sets for us. It’s the only way we can even attempt to reach the Kardashians’ and Jenners’ level.”

There has been a mixture of agreement and outrage regarding Kardashian’s comments. However, improved rates for self-employed women have gone up a considerable amount, so, perhaps Kardashian’s unsolicited advice was long overdue after all.

Perhaps the most infuriating part of Kardashian accusing the population of not wanting to work is that she is right. Working class women in the workplace desperately needed a reality check and who better than Kardashian, who can truly relate to their work ethic, to give them one? 

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