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Re: York University is waging a war against itself
Op-Ed >> December 21, 2023

The Dec. 21 editorial “York University is waging a war against itself” argues that an “autoimmune disease has infected York.” What disease could this be? There are imprecise references to “trendy ideologies taught at York” that “diminish the complexities and ambiguities of human experience” and support accusations of a “delusional form of idolatry” that has taken hold on the York campus. This idolatry, according to the author, David Clarke, is based on a rejection of anything that does not align with a “new belief system.”

The only elaboration on what exactly this means is in the form of a complaint about a Shakespeare class where non-specific “theories and ‘isms’” overrode the text. Besides this personal complaint about the content of a certain course (I’d leave your belly-aching for the group chat), there is no further explanation. If David Clarke wants to write an op-ed calling something “idolatry” or an “autoimmune disease,” he should elaborate more on exactly what he’s talking about.

— Jacob Zenhenko
First-year Work and Labour Studies
York University

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