Be a Poet: The Wallflower

Karah Kushnir | Contributor
Featured illustration by Cedric Wong


They say they want me to poet

But damn sometimes there’s just too much noise

My insides get crowded

Always shoving each other around

It gets hard to breathe

To get words to even shimmy out of my mouth

My lungs get obstructed

My heart gets tongue-tied

It isn’t always so easy to say what’s on my mind

Yet you want me to poet

To turn the sound of words into sexy serenades

Captivate your attention with syllables and similes

Like I’m the editor of our environment

Taking the material and writing it out better

But damn that’s draining

Soul-sucking and tiring

I don’t always have the ability to even turn the

Junk in my mind into sensible sentences

So why don’t you go be the poet

Write me something nice

Tell me what you see when you look around

About the Author

By Excalibur Publications



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