Schulich offers course on COVID-19 leadership lessons

Schulich School of Business located at 111 Ian MacDonald Blvd. (Courtesy of Mahdis Habibinia)

Pandemics have been a part of history for as long as time. Each pandemic offers the next generation lessons, and this pandemic has proven to be a steep learning curve. It has also become the defining factor in understanding global leadership where the world has seen new leaders emerge. 

A similar opportunity is now being offered to students at York. The Schulich School of Business is offering an interdisciplinary course that is focused on leadership lessons from COVID-19.

York Deputy Spokesperson Yanni Dagonas states: “This is a first-of-its-kind, interdisciplinary online course on leadership lessons from the pandemic. Titled Leading Through the Pandemic: Insights from Individuals, Organizations, Governments and Societies, the course will bring together the expertise of 11 Schulich faculty members from a wide range of disciplines – everything from strategy and marketing to real estate and sustainability.” 

Jessica Kabuli, a second-year Schulich student, sees this as an opportunity to discuss how the world dealt with the sudden change in economy and its implications across societies.

   The online course will explore some of the most effective ways that individuals and organizations have adapted to the challenges brought about by the pandemic.

“When we received the email from the Schulich administration about this new course, it came across as an intriguing opportunity because this course will be taught by 11 of the best minds at Schulich, including two of my current professors. It would be a great experience learning with students from different programs across York,” says Kabuli.

Kabuli believes that this course offers an opportunity to gain practical knowledge which can eventually be used to solve challenging problems.

The course is led by associate professor of marketing and director of Schulich’s MBA program, Ashwin Joshi. Dagonas states that the “new open online course will explore some of the most effective ways that individuals and organizations have adapted to the challenges brought about by the pandemic. Schulich welcomes York students from across all faculties to join this course.”

In an interview with Investment Executive Magazine, Joshi further stated, “Students taking this course will have the opportunity to learn important personal, organizational, and societal leadership lessons.” 

Diksha Tandon, the Director of Operations at the Schulich Accounting Society, is also appreciative of Schulich’s efforts to maintain relevance in their courses, and is looking forward to studying the course. She believes that these lessons will allow her to further her understanding of today’s ever-changing world in a holistic manner.

“I am confident that these lessons will help me develop a clearer understanding of how I can make the best out of the opportunities presented to me,” comments Tandon.

While this course is open to all York students, the lessons will also be posted on YouTube to further its outreach to a wider audience.

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