What’s your opinion on Valentine’s Day?

A. Antonio

second year, environmental science

“I don’t really know what this day is supposed to embody: love, companionship, lust? I’m not really sure what I’m celebrating when I’m confronted with this day. And I’ve also taken into account that I’m not in a relationship, but even if I was, is it the embodiment of love or is it the appreciation of the person I am with?”

Cristina Mendes

fourth year, history

“If you have a girlfriend/boyfriend, [it’s] amazing, good times. If you’re single, not so good. If you have friends that are single then both friends can come together as a group. There are different ways to approach it, but it’s for everyone.”

Shadib Newaz

second year, accounting

“Well I for one think that loving is a good thing, [but] it does not mean you should do it one day more than every other day of the year. I have no problem with it personally. I think it’s a good [day] to just go out and watch a movie and just remember there’s love.”

Sanah Hassan

third year, finance

“I don’t really celebrate it. I feel like it’s a good marketing strategy. It’s not a big deal for me like it is for some people. I feel like there shouldn’t be a particular day where someone should expresses their love, I feel like it should be all the time.”

Andrew Nguyen

fourth year, sociology

“I don’t feel like its celebrating, I feel like it’s an obligation. I think it’s unfair particularly for guys, the girls got it easy.”


Jessica B.

second year, accounting

“The point of the day is you’re supposed to serenade your significant other, but you’re supposed to be affectionate every day. That day shouldn’t be more important.”

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