Intercut 2022 goes virtual for this year’s production

(Riddhi Jani)

Intercut 2022, an upcoming virtual event of feature-length screenplays written by third- and fourth-year screenwriting students to be performed by theatre students, is an exciting opportunity for York members to express themselves and utilize their arts education.

Intercut 2022 will also include a wide range of genres such as comedy, drama, dystopian fiction, and many others. 

Theo Bow, a third-year screenwriting student, will be presenting their script titled Hedge Magic, a fantasy and alternate history piece focusing on a character named Florence who is searching for their identity as a young woman.

“I think the main thing for me with the piece at large is that Shifter, one of the two main characters, is a gender-fluid character and I’m gender-fluid. I’ve never gotten to write about these characters, and to be able to do that for a school assignment has been a really a positive experience for me, especially having it read back by classmates. 

“I’m really excited to get to write that representation and see it read as well,” says Bow.

“I’m interested in using the aesthetics and society of the 1890s in England as a backdrop for a script about breaking society’s mold and finding oneself,” Bow adds. They hope that the main takeaway from their scene will be the moral quests their character goes through and how they shape their identity.

Laura Bourbonnais, a fourth-year screenwriting and creative writing student, is involved in various production elements along with faculty and graduate students. Bourbonnais explains that Intercut 2022 offers students the opportunity to collaborate with different people who usually wouldn’t be able to throughout their degree. 

“Howard Wiseman was my professor last year. I really liked having him as a professor and I feel like I really grew as a screenwriter with them. As well as with Ingrid Veninger too— it was really nice to have their perspective on the material we received.”

This event is held annually, with an exception to last year’s turn being affected by the pandemic. Both writers praised their fellow writers’ scenes and look forward to seeing their work come to life through the performances. 

“I really hope in future years Intercut is able to go back in person and we’re able to have access to a bigger space so that people have room to play and we have room for more of an audience— and hopefully, more participation. I feel like the fact that things are online makes it hard for people to want to participate in events or submit their work,” says Bourbonnais.

Intercut 2022 will be streamed live on Thursday February 10 at 7:30 pm.

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