Everlasting Connection

John Nyman
Senior staff writer

Written entirely in lines from Craigslist missed connections

You’ve recently dyed your hair; on Tuesday

you were in my work

and had black hair, freckles, you sat

down right in front of me.


We took turns sneaking glances at

each other. We braced

ourselves and you gave me a smile,

paused, continued walking.


I’ve seen you a handful of times since

June, always downtown.


We waited for the streetcar at

Spadina and Queen last

night around past midnight.

You sat near the door.


I was wearing a black hat

and overcoat. You —

redhead, glasses, skinny jeans…

got off at Bloor subway.


I always sit across from you,

I’m not sure you’ve noticed.


We rode together on the streetcar today.

We glanced at each other

and got on. You were wearing a beige

knit zip up sweater


and carrying a blue foam mat.

We both got off at St. George

station, and as we were climbing up

the stairs you slightly touched


my hand. We looked at each other

briefly. I liked your smile.

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By Excalibur Publications



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