York and faculty agree to tentative settlement following 10 months of negotiations

Alex Kvaskov
Assistant News Editor

York administration and the York University Faculty Association reached a tentative settlement earlier this afternoon.
According to Janice Walls, York media, YUFA and the University reached a tentative settlement for a renewal collective agreement early this morning through mediation. “We have been advised by YUFA that it has scheduled a ratification meeting on February 23, with a ratification vote to follow,” says Walls.
Richard Wellen, YUFA president, says the key issues in bargaining were teaching loads, compensation, equity in hiring, the size of the full-time faculty complement, and collegial governance at the university.
YUFA’s previous contract expired in April of last year. The current round of negotiations has been one of the longest in YUFA’s history, lasting 10 months.
“Although progress was slow over much of this process, in recent days significant movement was made with the assistance of a mediator,” says Wellen.
“As a result, the bargaining team has brought back a tentative settlement which the Executive Committee is now recommending to the members for ratification,” he adds.
Faculty have yet to be informed of the deal. Details of the contract have yet to be released.
Last week, YUFA held a general membership meeting where a motion was passed authorizing a strike vote.
It is unclear whether York will have to hire additional faculty and shoulder higher costs from reduced teaching loads.
Other concerns include transparency in administrative appointments.
YUFA represents tenured faculty at York.
This story will be updated as information becomes available.

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