The Infamous Five-Foot-Ten Hoodie Man Has Been Caught!

Image by Sam Williams from Pixabay

In a shocking turn of events, the notorious “Five-Foot-Ten Hoodie Man” responsible for a string of robberies at York University has been caught. The suspect was finally apprehended by the police after a lengthy investigation, and the identity of the culprit has left the entire nation in disbelief.

As it turns out, Hoodie Man was none other than Drake, the Canadian rapper and singer, who has gained international fame over the years. This revelation has sent shockwaves through the music industry and the Canadian public.

The police discovered Drake’s involvement after he was caught on camera during one of the robberies. The footage clearly showed the rapper wearing a hoodie, concealing his identity as he committed the crime. The police were initially skeptical that a celebrity like Drake could be involved in such criminal activities, but the evidence was irrefutable.

Drake’s motive for committing the robberies is still unclear, but some sources speculate that it could be related to his recent album release. The rapper’s latest album, Certified Lover Boy, was met with mixed reviews, and some believe that the robberies were a publicity stunt to drum up attention for the album.

The arrest of Drake has left many of his fans in shock and disbelief. Social media has been flooded with messages of support for the rapper, with some fans insisting that he is innocent and has been set up by the police.

In a statement to the press, Drake’s representative denied any involvement in the robberies, stating that the rapper was “shocked and saddened” by the accusations. The representative went on to say that Drake would be cooperating fully with the police investigation and was confident that he would be cleared of any wrongdoing.

The news of Drake’s arrest has also caused a stir in the music industry. Many of his colleagues and competitors have expressed their shock and dismay at the news, with some even taking to social media to voice their opinions.

British rapper, Stormzy, stated, “I can’t believe this. Drake was always such a nice guy whenever I met him. I never would have thought he was capable of something like this.”

Despite the public outcry, the police have assured the public that they have conclusive evidence linking Drake to the robberies. The rapper is currently being held in police custody and is expected to appear in court in the coming days.

As the story continues to develop, the public is left wondering what will become of Drake and his career. Will he be found guilty and face the consequences of his actions, or will he be able to clear his name and salvage his reputation?

Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure – the “Five-Foot-Ten Hoodie Man” is no longer a mystery, and the nation is in shock at the unexpected twist in this bizarre tale.

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By Jannat Yaqobi

Former Editor

Jannat is a first year Criminology student at York. Along with being part of Excalibur, she is also part of the Criminology Society, SCOLAPS, and the YFS. She has a passion for reading, writing (particularly spoken word and slam), photography, and watching classic and vintage movies. Apart from juggling her busy (and at times hectic) schedule, one can occasionally find Jannat journaling, graphic designing, or watching Golden Girls with her mom or Friends with a cup of black tea.


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