Netflix Implements Monitoring Rule While Streaming

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Beginning April 15, Netflix will limit streaming services to only one person per screen. 

Recently, Netflix limited streaming to one household, but now, the company’s CEO, Felix Flixwhite, explains that they strongly feel that profits can be increased further by adding more restrictions. 

“The idea of limiting streaming to one household was to explore the ways in which profits could be increased, 90 per cent for myself and 10 per cent for the rest of the workers,” explains Flixwhite. “What people don’t realize is that while inflation impacts everyone, millionaires and billionaires are impacted the hardest because we are suffering from a larger loss.”

According to the Fancy Financial Forum, inflation is predicted to increase by 50 per cent between now and the end of 2023. This could mean that those who find themselves in the top 10 per cent of income earners in Canada will see a significant loss in their finances. 

“As a multi-billion dollar company, we’re lucky with recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI). We’re able to avoid hiring more employees to make this change possible, and ultimately, to further help myself and others with the increasing costs of inflation,” says Flixwhite.

Monitoring of each screen will require a camera for each device, which will now be necessary for a Netflix subscription. Should the camera notice two silhouettes viewing the screen, streaming will be immediately shut off and the viewer will receive a $500 fine. 

Larry Laitzy, a seventh-year computer science student, says that they’ve been an avid Netflix subscriber for years and is excited about this new implementation. 

“My roommates hate comedy. Anything comedic drives them crazy, and as a comedy fan, it makes it difficult to view various comedies found on Netflix in our common room. With this new rule, there won’t be conflicts between me and the rest of my roommates, and I can finally laugh again in peace,” explains Laitzy.

Regarding the $500 fine, Laitzy expresses that, “my roommates and I made it into a game. Should they interrupt my viewing time, the fine will be on them to pay. But, if it happens the other way around, I will pay the fine. Though, I’m not worried because they only watch true crime shows… Who watches true crime for fun?”

The York community expresses that they are thankful for this restriction forcing subscribers to view Netflix alone. Through a survey, it seems that 85 per cent of the York population is missing the pandemic’s restrictions and the solidarity they brought. With the help of this new implementation, Flixwhite is hopeful that people can experience a similar nostalgia of loneliness while enjoying the pleasure of Netflix.

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