Want to Get Fit? YorkU Student Fitness Classes Can Help!

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York University offers a wide variety of fitness classes available to all students, whether on-line or in-person.

Online classes are offered through MUV On-Demand. Over 100 classes are available on York’s Athletics and Recreation’s Youtube account, @yorkulions. Classes such as Muay Thai, full body stretch, power yoga (offered at all levels), cramped HIIT, cardio boot camp, metafit, and strength callisthenics. MUV On-Demand requires no registration and is available for all students to follow along with and learn on their own time.

Group Fitness Classes (MUV), are also offered in person. Classes are available to students from the beginning of the school year until Dec. 9. While in-person fitness classes do require a Fitness Membership, students can pre-register for courses/classes of their choosing once membership is attained.

The in-person Group Fitness Classes offered are an even wider range than MUV On-Demand courses. All classes offered are: Yoga, Boot camp, Muay Thai, Zumba, Meditation, KPop Dance, Bollywood Fitness, Power Yoga, AquaFit, Jazz Funk, Contemporary Dance, Cardio Hip Hop, Yoga Retreat, and Spin.

Students have the ability to find what type of fitness works best for them through the wide range of options available. Whether it’s love of music, relaxation, dance, swimming, etc., there is something for everyone. Not only does this present students with an opportunity to try fun, new, and exciting fitness practices, but it also allows students to bond with their peers.

Instructors of the fitness courses are dedicated and passionate about creating a high energy, comfortable, and motivating atmosphere that uplifts confidence and morale.

Sabrina Odorico, a graduate in kinesiology and health sciences, was a YorkU fitness instructor from 2019-2021, and taught a wide range of classes both online and in-person, including boot camp, HIIT, glute/core, and metafit. She translated her passion for fitness and health into helping her students achieve their own fitness goals. 

Odorico describes the atmosphere created in her classes, saying “I loved seeing the motivation and perseverance on their faces when getting through the class.” 

Due to the nature of the classes and by coming together, working together towards common goals, and encouraging one another, the students were able to make strong bonds with each other.

“Every time I’d be walking around campus, I would see someone from one of my fitness classes, and they would always greet me with a hello. It felt like I was part of a bigger community than just York,” Odorico commented.

For more information and to register, visit YorkU’s Group Fitness Classes and MUV On-Demand.

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