Letters to the Editor – March 21

Commitment to campus life
Re: Meet your new candidates
ews» Mar. 14, 2012

As a commuter on campus, I always feel like York University lacks a sense of community like other universities do. With the YFS elections underway, I hear both sides say they want to help build school spirit and create a sense of community here at York.

When I walked around campus and looked at some of the posters, I saw York United had people from all parts of campus. Some faces were recognizable, others weren’t, but what stuck out for me was each candidate’s involvement in campus life.

Building school spirit and creating a community here at York takes time and effort, and from what I’ve seen, the York United team has already been taking part in campus life through clubs, colleges, councils and other groups.

Free York University says they also want a larger community on campus, but I haven’t heard much about their involvement in campus life outside of this election. Building a campus community isn’t a campaign point on an election poster, it’s a dedication to the clubs or councils you’re part of.

The YFS may be a good tool to build a sense of York pride, but it is by no means the only tool. And if FYU was as dedicated to campus community as they say they are, they would have shown it before this election.

-–Stefanie Hawco

Why I’m voting York United
Re: Meet your new candidates
News» mar 14, 2012

As a woman on this campus, my main concern is safety. Our university has a horrible reputation and it seems like every week I hear about another incident of violence or sexual assault. I know that tackling issues of safety aren’t simple, and the solutions definitely aren’t clear cut, but I think students deserve to know what each candidate wants to do to improve safety here at York.

Free York University claims they want a safer campus and a larger community, but beyond the fact that many of them work for goSAFE, I have yet to hear any concrete ideas on how they will address violence on campus.

On the other hand, I’ve been approached multiple times by candidates from York United who were more than happy to discuss with me their plans for campus safety. Working to produce a sexual assault policy and pushing for a mandatory equity course were two proposals that I thought were really intriguing.

I know our student union can only do so much, but the fact that York United is producing actual ideas on how to improve campus safety means, in my opinion, means they’re taking the issue seriously.

That’s why I’ve decided that I will be voting for the York United team this week.

-–Meghan DuCille
President, Founders College

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