Letters to the Editor – February 15

Canada should not be paying for international  students’ tuition
Re: The money woes of international students
Editorial>>Feb. 8, 2012

While I understand that Excalibur is trying to support a minority group, I think the statements provided in the editorial are unreasonable since Canadian taxpayers should not be paying to lower international students’ tuition.

International students have made a choice to come to Canada for their education, and many students take their education home with them after graduating from their degrees. The government is not responsible for providing grants to international students. The government needs to provide for its citizens first.

In addition, international students should not be included in the Drop Fees campaign as they are not Canadian citizens. I already have a problem with Canadian students whining about tuition when the government pays the vast majority of our tuition and the additional 30-per-cent reduction implemented by McGuinty. If you’re not willing to get a part-time job to pay roughly $6,000 for reduced tuition, perhaps university isn’t for you. There is really no excuse to graduate with an exorbitant amount of debt.

International students have it easy with $200 for health and dental care since they are covered the entire year with our virtually free healthcare system. Imagine paying the atrocious healthcare insurance in the United States; students shouldn’t complain.

At the end of the day, it’s the choice of the individual to study in an international country.

-Samantha Osaduke

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