Letters to the Editor – August 31, 2011

Excalibur is keeping the school safe

Re: News section
Excalibur» August 24, 2011
To: Anthony Peruzza, City Councillor Ward 8
I was happy to see that you are working together for the safety of all students at York. I am the mother of one of those students and we live at the end of the Village. For the last week, the street lights along Murray Ross Parkway and parts of Sentinel Road have been out. I met my son each evening for safety and also to get some exercise. It is very dark along this area at the best of times and with the lights out it is VERY UNSAFE for all. I did call 311 and was put through to Toronto Hydro and gave them detailed information. That was a week ago. I also saw some Hydro workers in the area during the day doing other unrelated work and they were kind enough to say they would report it, but not to hold my breath because it’s not a priority and could take weeks.
In this day of technology I find it hard to understand why this has been left out for so long. I believe that safety is and should be a priority.
—Mom Mary

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