[Streeters] What do you think about Rob Ford's proposal to cut funds for libraries?

Compiled by Lingsha Hu

Madeleine Hayles
Fourth year, History & English

“I’m against it. I just think that libraries are a good community area. There are tons of people that use it, not just for taking out books necessarily — which is always good, but also good for Internet usage. It’s an essential service that shouldn’t be cut.”


Yuxin Ma
First year, Human Resource Management

“I have never borrowed a book from the library, so I don’t really have an opinion. But I support this behaviour because I think we should reduce government spending and also since I don’t use the service much myself.


Momita Ahmed
Fifth year, Sociology

“I’m against it because it’s part of our funds we put towards libraries. He’s taking away from what our younger generations are going to be experiencing when it comes to what a public library feels like. It reduces what they can possibly be getting out of it.


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