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“Israeli soldier shares tales from the front”
news» jan.26, 2011
Wonderful opportunity Oriyah Barzilay
It was a wonderful opportunity and a great experience to have Sergeant Benjamin Anthony come and speak to the students at York University.
Sgt. Anthony brought his genuine firsthand experiences, and not a story written by the media. He was able to support every word he said with facts, because he lives the reality and does not just write about it from behind a desk.
He felt proud of being part of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) because of the high moral standings they adhere to at all times.
York made a great decision letting him speak to the students, giving an opportunity for freedom of speech and welcoming Sgt. Anthony without a violent protest. The manner in which the questions were asked and answered is the type of dialogue needed on campus.
It was so refreshing to attend an event about the Middle East without being confronted with violence and censorship. I hope York only moves forward from this event onwards.
“Grossly offensive”
opinions» jan.26, 2011
A ridiculous claim Dara Koplowitz
In his letter, Paul Izdebski makes a ridiculous claim, that Hasbara@York, the grassroots student group, not the organization, has a budget larger than most clubs at York.
That is certainly none of your business, nor is it proven anywhere; rather it is formulated in your personal opinions and understanding of the foundations of a pro-Israel group on campus. And that, Paul, is exactly the “familiar stench” Mr. Dishy is referring to.
Shame on you, Mr. Izdebski. I myself am of Polish lineage, and I am utterly embarrassed and discomforted to be associated with a Pole like you.

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Re: Dara
I wish I could publicize my resentment to your comments in a half page ad in the Excal…alas, I can’t afford it! As a Polish person, you should also be offended by what Mr. Dishy said–I’m not sure if you caught the racism in his comment or not but classifying “Poles” as those who call Jews “rich” or “in control of the media” is not only generalizing but also racist. Mr. FInkelstein is Jewish, not a Pole and yet Mr. Dishy chose to generalize only Poles, not other Jews as having these views about Jewish people.