“David Noble, professor and advocate, dies at 65” news» jan.5, 2011

Nuri Jazairi
Noble Reading Week
In his career, professor David Noble was living proof of Noam Chomsky’s hypothesis that if you serve power, power rewards you with respectability; and if you work to undermine power, whether by political analysis or moral critique, you are “reviled, imprisoned, driven into the desert.”
In my view, professor Noble was a prominent victim of a culture of oppression and retaliation by the York administration (see the Sept. 16 and 23, 2009 issues of Excalibur).
I believe an independent review is needed of some systemic issues and conditions that may lead to discrimination and retaliations of the type David Noble suffered at York.
I also believe the fall reading week at York should be named the David Noble Reading Week in recognition of his vigorous and life-long campaigning for the effective enforcement of the Ontario Human Rights Code.

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