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Re: “Galloway incites protest,” News, Nov. 17, 2010
As a student, I thought it would be fitting to congratulate the York Federation of Students and York University in hosting a well-planned and executed event earlier last month at the Price Family Theatre with George Galloway.
As a student for several years, this is surely one of the most powerful events that I have seen, and an excellent example of our power to exercise of our democratic rights. You have managed to honour the rights of students by letting them hear out Galloway, while simultaneously respecting the rights of those who were protesting.
The rights of students in classes at the time were respected as they were able to continue their studies undisturbed. Like all events, there is always room for improvement; however, I feel that this is a step in the right direction when com- pared to our past incidents in Vari Hall.
It was also heartening to see that our student union and administration were working together to allow for all of this to take place safely. I hope this event is the start of many more good things to come. Clearly, judging by the amount of people in attendance, we can say the students are behind such events.
I always took it as an insult when people would say “if you can hold a fork you can go to York.” However, now I understand its symbolic meaning, the value of picking up that fork to defend democratic and human rights.
Whether we take the literal meaning of a fork to feed the hungry, stand together and fight with arms (as in a pitchfork), or making a difficult decision in life that presents a fork in the road, this exemplary modeling by our student union and administration will surely prepare its students for their future endeavors.
Sarva Jeyapalan

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wow the pitchffork of angry rioting lol.
how did this get published