“Annoying alarms and false fires” editorial» jan.5, 2011

Debbie Lee Keltz-Wolk
Wake up call
I’m sure it was a major inconvenience for your editor, Victoria Alarcon, to have her exam rescheduled due to the fire on campus.
But do you really think it was anyone’s fault? Do you think this was done on purpose to inconvenience you personally and every- one else who had their exams rescheduled? I don’t think so.
This campus amounts to a city, and every day things happen that are beyond our control. Nobody planned to have a fire that shut down the heat to the campus. It just happened, and it was unfortunate, but it was nobody’s fault.
The exam scheduling team should be commended for their quick work at rescheduling all of the exams affected, not criticized.
the annoying false alarms: yes, more should be done to stop stupid people from wasting copious amounts of money, endangering our emergency service workers lives and wasting everyone’s time.
Do you have any suggestions? Have you done anything to help, or have you just wagged your finger at the university and said more should be done? If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.
I thought when a person gets to university, they’d have matured to the point they are here to study and write their exams. I guess there are some stupid people here who don’t want to study for their exams and will call in a bomb scare just to piss everyone off.
It’s time to grow up and realize once you leave York you’ll be out in the working world, and when your boss wants something done, there will be no pulling the fire alarm or calling in a bomb threat – it’s just due or you’re fired!
This is your wake-up call, people.

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