A love story: When I reminisce over you, T.O.

(Courtesy of Bhabna Banerjee)
My Kensington Daydream
Music: “New Soul” by Ketsa, from the album, Ascendance

I have spent the majority of my life in Toronto. I went to school there, lived there, worked there. Oh, and I was born in Scarborough, where my family lived for many years before. Then my family moved out to Durham Region, where we lived for nearly two decades. By the time high school rolled around, my family home would be relocated to Peel Region. My adult life would take me on a different road, and for the majority of it, that road has led back to Toronto.

I wanted to express this in the form of a “mini-podcast,” as I feel it best captures the energy and overall mood that is and will always be synonymous with Toronto, for me. 

What do you miss about life, pre-pandemic?

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By Carla Lopez

Former Editor


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