A peek at York’s summer school plans

(RIddhi Jani)

With the inevitable end of the 2021/2022 year, students are now wrapping up the winter semester as the summer semester is fast approaching.

Each student has a specific date on when they can start enrolling in their summer courses, and the step-by-step guide can be found on the registrar’s office’s page — students can go forward with enrolling in their courses through the Registration and Enrolment Module. 

Looking at the physical shift on campus, York’s deputy spokesperson Yanni Dagonas refers Excalibur to the latest public health restrictions for the summer term announced by Vice-Provost, Students Lucy Fromowitz. 

According to York’s Better Health post, effective May 1, 2022 York will be pausing its COVID-19 vaccine mandate, masking protocol, and daily health screening. 

Dagonas further adds that the modified guest policy remains in effect until April 30, 2022. 

“We are currently making plans with regard to health and safety guidance for students in residence that both respond to public health guidance, but also preserves the well-being of our residences, which are congregate living settings and therefore generally susceptible to higher rates of transmission. 

We will be communicating with students in residence to update them in the coming future,” Dagonas adds.

Areeba Habib, a second-year criminology student, shares, “Since there is no more mask mandate or daily screenings as of May 1, I am glad to be going back to school in person during the summer semester. I think it’s also great because I’ll get a chance to properly be acquainted with the campus.”

Habib further shares that the “only downside to summer school in person would be that I don’t have the freedom to take my classes at my own pace and the commute to university will not be fun in the summer heat. I would rather be doing my classes in an air-conditioned room at home.

“I guess this switch had to come at some point or another and it’s probably better that it’s sooner rather than later — but I would prefer it to be later.”

A fourth-year international human resources student, who wishes to remain anonymous, explains the struggles of shifting to the summer semester, especially for those currently not residing in Canada.

“It has been hard since moving back to Toronto with the course portal being open pretty late for me. I wouldn’t have the time to buy a ticket to Toronto, find an affordable apartment due to York’s dorm rules, and take transportation to class.”

They further shared that three of their courses were offered online but the rest were in person. “I’d move back to Toronto to go to campus once or twice a week, which I feel is a waste of money, especially when it is information that could easily be taught online.”

About the Author

By Jannat Yaqobi

Assistant News Editor


Jannat is a first year Criminology student at York. Along with being part of Excalibur, she is also part of the Criminology Society, SCOLAPS, and the YFS. She has a passion for reading, writing (particularly spoken word and slam), photography, and watching classic and vintage movies. Apart from juggling her busy (and at times hectic) schedule, one can occasionally find Jannat journaling, graphic designing, or watching Golden Girls with her mom or Friends with a cup of black tea.


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Rhonda L. Lenton

CORRECTION! Mask mandates shall continue