A reimagining of ordinary places

(Riddhi Jani)

The 1950s and 1960s saw the rise of a novel art form: Pop art. Often compared to “comic book” artwork, the art style countered norms in the art community by drawing inspiration from found items within popular and commercial culture. It was through the Pop art movement that artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein made their mark in the art community. 

Pop art took an otherwise ordinary item and showcased it in a new, almost campy, light, which only solidified the idea that any source of inspiration is valid when it comes to creativity.

As a result, this photo essay blends photography and digital art to collectively form a series of images that visualize five different spots around York through pop art.

About the Author

By Riddhi Jani

Managing Editor


Riddhi is a Biomedical Science student with an ever-growing enthusiasm for art. Still in search of her own art style, Riddhi takes inspiration from a variety of art forms and media to build her portfolio. She hopes to implement her creative energy into her art as well as her writing as she journeys to improve her outlook on real-world events. When she is not designing, writing, or studying, she can be found adding to her never-ending list of to-be-reads, working on her novel, trying out new skateboard tricks, and hiking through the nearest forest (looking for the entrance to a magical land, of course).


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