Recyclables: The Vintage Edition

“I find I’m really attracted to things that take simple staples and [I like matching or layering] them together in an unorthodox way. I
really admire people who can remain eclectic with their style and do it in a tasteful way, but I like to think I keep it relatively low-key with my personal style.”

Kristen Sison



“A mess of things seems to sum up the direction of style I have.  It is a combination of various elements that try to embody ‘80s/’90s alternative culture, Ivy League uniforms and Jerry Seinfeld as an adolescent black male in 2010. It is a strange collection of influences that have no real consistent direction.”

Michael Nyarkoh

It’s easy to throw on a dress and call the look more feminine, but the combination of accessories is what really does it. The brown leather satchel, bright yellow rain boots, and the black umbrella, brings out the “little girl” that loves playing dress up. The added red lipstick helps make the look more mature, but not too strong. The wool-cotton dress and bowler hat combination alone is already very stylish and strong. The jean vest however, incorporates a more casual tone to the whole ensemble without adding too much.

More on the festive side, this black blazer with gold detailing on top of a white silk button up shirt brings out style with a punch. For any women who don’t play around with colour, little details can make a huge difference and make things more exciting. However, this look uses colour to make it more of a dress-up ensemble, not to mention the red lips. The silk scarf used as a pocket square and the black leather clutch definitely say someone is ready for a great night out.

A camouflage bandana wrapped around the head to form a headband is a creative way of transforming one piece of clothing into another. The combination of a white tank top, a simple piece of jewelry and grey sweatpants says simple and casual. A camel trench coat with button-through shoulder tabs thrown over the whole ensemble makes a very comfortable look also a stylish look at the same time. A black leather briefcase in place of a purse adds more edge.

This ensemble is a bit more on the edgy side. Although it’s not the look every guy would go for, the black on black attire makes anyone look cool and mysterious. It’s also a known fact that black is very slimming, making the outfit welcoming to all sizes and shapes. The tartan kilt was added for a standout effect and to add a bit more spice. The black wool toque and leather motorcycle jacket add a grungy touch to the look, but the minimal accessories of two rings keep the look from being too flashy.

This look exuberates classic and laid-back. The turtleneck Breton shirt is a timeless item that can be incorporated in many ways. Layering this underneath the salmon button-up shirt, adds a touch of colour and brightens up the entire look. The pair of chinos used in this look reinforces that very casual look and is a good way for a guy to look clean but stay comfortable in his clothes. A vintage brown leather strap and gold face watch separate this very relaxed look from the everyday attire.









The fancy look can work for any guy if assembled properly. The key to putting this look together is layering and playing with colour. Unlike the other looks, this particular ones plays with a lot more colour. The trench coat is a great way for guys to add height and the trousers make the legs look longer. The silk ascot popping from the collar is the key item that really makes the look standout. The vintage brown loafers are not too polished and are a bit more rugged, this really helps tone down the look a notch.

Photos by Michelle Lladoc/Hair styling by Aiko Ortiz/Compiled by Ranj Dhatt and Marilyn Ize-Dukuze

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