Bringing real rap back

Instant gratification, shorter attention spans, and an oversaturation of styles may all be contributing to the dumbing down of a genre we know and love.

What is love?

As Valentine’s Day rolls around, we’ll be taking a look at what really goes on inside our brains when we feel the powerful emotion of love.

Social media and mental health

Bell Let’s Talk Day is here, so let’s take a moment to talk about what is often a big culprit in our negative mental health experiences: social media.

Cryptocurrency: A hopeful future in finance

As news of Bitcoin intrigues and excites the public, and experts debate on its market impact, there are considerable reasons why cryptocurrency as a whole may end up shaping the future of money as we know it.

The science behind habits

The power of habits cannot be overstated. According to Charles Duhigg, habits have three components: the cue, the routine, and the reward.