The York U Motion Media Studio presents Worldbuilding with Sound

(Courtesy of Dena Salami)

On April 18, the York U Motion Media Studio (YUMMS) presents Worldbuilding with Sound, an exciting event discussing sound integration in artistry, with an expert panel consisting of Debashis Sinha, Hector Centeno Garcia, and Dr. Rebecca Caines.

Sinha, the panel moderator, is a sound artist, musician, composer, and assistant professor at Toronto Metropolitan University. He explains that while sonic world-building may be difficult to define, it is a concept that anyone can grasp.

“Sound can completely re-define what we are seeing, if we want it to. I think of sound as an element that lends or extends a frame. This playing with frame is what has kept me so involved with sound for so long.”

Caines, a theatre professor, explains that sonic world-building “evokes the possibilities of working with sound to support identity, community, and place-making. Sound is a unique medium and point of contact that evokes and creates a sense of place and a way to hold on to our sonic cultures, such as language and music.

“Sound can be used to share stories and lived experiences, and imagine new possibilities. I will be talking about some of my participatory art projects that engage youth, community members, seniors, artists, teachers and frontline staff, and researchers to listen together, and use sound to create, sustain, and imagine the worlds they want to live in, as well as preserve their histories and cultures through different sound practices, from recording, to immersive multi-channel performance and installation, to improvisation,” Caines adds.

Ingrid Veninger, an associate cinema and media arts professor, is currently filling the role of director at YUMMS. She expresses that the Cinespace studios have provided students with incredible opportunities to earn new skills and to explore career options within the industry.

“In all my years as an independent filmmaker, I have never had the budget to shoot in a major motion picture soundstage. Today, I teach at York University, and our students have access to two sound stages at Cinespace Film Studios, where the most acclaimed shows and features are produced. It’s an incredible opportunity to produce projects and intersect with the world’s leading content creators,” says Veninger.

During the panel, Sinha predicts that the conversation will include multiple perspectives, and he suspects“many of the considerations we engage with as sound makers will have resonance for a variety of projects that rely on experiential engagement.”

“I hope this event will be useful to those wanting to/already working with sound in the creative industries, but also to those interested in the wider possibilities of sound and listening,” adds Caines.

This event will be held at YUMMS located at Cinespace Film Studios in Etobicoke, with the social mixer following the panel. To learn more about this event, click here.

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