LIGAS by Brandon Robinson, York alumnus

Photo Courtesy of Brandon Robinson

After graduating in 2018 with a BA in Classics, Brandon Robinson decided to explore his maternal roots in Poland and start his own company: LIGAS. 

A clothing brand of luxury athleisure with a “passion for fine clothing and fabrics,” Robinson created LIGAS. “LIGAS epitomizes pure Polish craftsmanship — conceived, designed and crafted with materials sourced entirely from Poland,” says Robinson. “We have had a very positive reception since launching last year.”

Robinson’s current collection comprises both a variety of comfortable and classic-cut shirts made of fabrics like organic cotton, as well as leggings. What’s more, each item is guaranteed to be ethically made in Poland from Polish fabric. Robinson describes the style of his designs as “conservative yet elegant”.

“I started my own company because I wanted to become the master of my own destiny, something that I found difficult to achieve while under the employment of another,” Robinson adds. As a business owner, Robinson ensures that his company upholds his values in sustainability, thereby contributing to a greener future.

However, owning a company doesn’t come without its challenges. Robinson explains that while he is very proud of his small collection, it has been a challenge to maintain the quality of the clothing’s fabric and durability.

“Maintaining high quality standards means being selective. Being selective, for example, about who we partner with. We test products extensively before they go to market. Fabric and durability is one thing that’s tested, and if the product doesn’t pass testing it’s scrapped. This is a timely and costly process,” he explains. That being said, it is a challenge that he accepts with open arms and is committed to upholding the quality of his clothing.

Robinson notes that even though it’s now been “about six years after graduating, the study of classics remains [his] favourite pastime.”

While LIGAS is a Polish company based in Kraków, they ship worldwide. To learn more about both LIGAS and Brandon Robinson, click here

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By Sydney Ewert

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