To Change the World

Photo by Edward Howell on Unsplash

one book
this is how you learn and grow

one step after another
this is how you change your path

one hand held out to another
this is how you change a life

one act of listening
this is how you see past yourself

one book
one step
one hand
one choice

seeds buried deep
this is how you grow into a world outside yourself

but seeds must shed their shell before they grow
and a hand can only help after you have fought to stand.

About the Author

By Kaila Gallacher

Former Editor

Kaila is a poet and writer in her fourth year at York, studying Creative Writing and the Humanities. She is Editor-in-Chief of the Artichoke, a student-run magazine out of Winter’s College. She is passionate about highlighting the arts community here at York and in Toronto as a whole. She is particularly interested in how art can be a mode of expression and how it can inspire personal, social, and political change. When Kaila's not reading, writing, or editing she is an avid hiker and photographer.


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