The Department of Cinema and Media Arts Presents CineSiege 2022

Courtesy of York University

The department of cinema and media arts will be presenting their free 20th annual showcase of productions tonight, sponsored by Cinespace Film Studios, created by undergraduate students, known as CineSiege 2022.

Caitlin Fisher, the chair of the department of cinema and media arts, says that CineSiege 2022 is, “the annual showcase and celebration of undergraduate filmmakers here at York. Those chosen for CineSiege are honoured for their exceptional achievement in the art and craft of cinema.”

Tereza Barta, an associate professor in the department of cinema and media arts, adds that, “every year, the faculty of film production nominates a number of films produced in the current academic year to be sent to an external jury of professionals of the film and entertainment industry.”

There are over 150 films nominated to be screened. There will be awards presented at the screening, including “the best” in sound, editing, screenwriting, cinematography, and directing. There will also be awards to “the best” in three genres taught within the  department: narrative, documentary, and alternative.

“The award ceremony and the screening of the winning films takes place every autumn in a downtown cinema in Toronto, followed by a fun party,” says Barta.

Fisher invites students and faculty from all departments to attend this “great night of cinema”. 

“Nominees include fiction, documentary and alternative works, so there is something for everyone. You’ll see some of the breadth of filmmaking here at York. It’s also cool to see how the works mature from year to year as students learn more about their art and about themselves,” said Fisher.

Barta shares Fisher’s sentiment, adding that “these are short stories told by a young generation of aspiring filmmakers about the contemporary world, about their perception of the society in which they live, and about the problems that their generation is confronted with.

“York has such a diverse community and I’d urge students to take advantage of special events like CineSiege 2022 that invite you to engage with your peers outside of your own department orof faculty. Our students are really talented (and you can say you knew them when).”

CineSiege 2022 will be held at the Paradise Theatre on Bloor Street West from 7:00 pm – 10:30 pm. To find more information about this free event, click here

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By Sydney Ewert

Arts Editor

Sydney is in her third year at York University studying Dance. She loves to travel and explore new places. When Sydney is not editing, working, or studying for her classes, she is likely going for walks or learning new recipes.


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