Opened Up

(Courtesy of Kaila Gallacher)

Part II

I need trees and flowers,

and a hike into deep, deep woods

to remind me how to be alive.

I want the world opened up.

I need stars. need quiet dark.

need air. need soil. need sun to

shimmer against blue, blue water.

need crickets to sing me to sleep.

need to lose myself in mountains

and open space. need to hide from

oppressing city streets and run: from

confining digital spaces, email,

internet, and every damn screen.

so that I can remember life is not a race.

remember that it’s creational chaos; faith in growth.

it’s reimagined space where there is as much death

as there is life. I need air. open space. need to breathe;

hear the whisper of wind through dense forests.

I need trees. I need breath. I need my open world.  

Part I: Locked Down

About the Author

By Kaila Gallacher

Former Editor

Kaila is a poet and writer in her fourth year at York, studying Creative Writing and the Humanities. She is Editor-in-Chief of the Artichoke, a student-run magazine out of Winter’s College. She is passionate about highlighting the arts community here at York and in Toronto as a whole. She is particularly interested in how art can be a mode of expression and how it can inspire personal, social, and political change. When Kaila's not reading, writing, or editing she is an avid hiker and photographer.


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