Locked Down

(Courtesy of Kaila Gallacher)

Part I

these days

we can’t sleep till the

still dawn unsettles earth

and works its way into

the buildings that

congregate on Toronto streets.

we want to use that French press.

we have the time now, but don’t have one

as it broke four months ago. leaving

the coffee to drip from the

machine in the kitchen.




unsure light blushes the horizon.

skyscrapers and buildings dominate

the view out our window. but the

tender sky always peeks through

between the buildings.

fields and forests are far away,

but they call to us. still, even here,

when we’re so far removed from them

they call to us as coffee drips.



every aching day repeats itself. three cats beside us.

are already dozing. while we, still awake, watch dawn

draw on its last reserves to rise. as we do the same,

struggling to be fully awake. struggling to get through another day. 

Part II: Opened Up

About the Author

By Kaila Gallacher

Former Editor

Kaila is a poet and writer in her fourth year at York, studying Creative Writing and the Humanities. She is Editor-in-Chief of the Artichoke, a student-run magazine out of Winter’s College. She is passionate about highlighting the arts community here at York and in Toronto as a whole. She is particularly interested in how art can be a mode of expression and how it can inspire personal, social, and political change. When Kaila's not reading, writing, or editing she is an avid hiker and photographer.


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