Evanescence returns

Samantha Osaduke
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After a five-year break and Amy Lee’s marriage, Evanescence has returned with their third album. The new CD opens with the edgy “What You Want” which celebrates their return with Amy singing, “Hello, hello, remember me?”

Yes, Evanescence, we remember you—this rock anthem defines their return to the music industry.

The album continues with “Made of Stone”, which eerily describes broken and jaded love.
Love is not enough in “The Change”. It’s too commercial and catchy for a rock song. This song could easily be their next single since it is fairly marketable.

“My Heart Is Broken” begins at a slower pace with Amy Lee on the piano, but the guitar adds a rock undertone. In true Evanescence style, the song is slightly moody and depressing, with lyrics like: “My heart is broken/Sweet sleep, my dark angel/Deliver us.” Death is a prevalent theme continuing in “The Other Side”.

“Erase This” brings the energy back, but it is a hopeless song since it deals with not being satisfied with your life, and being unable to erase a lie. “Lost in Paradise” is a beautiful song that deals with hopelessness and despair while being alone.

Next, “Sick” is reminiscent of “Everybody’s Fool” from their debut album Fallen. It criticizes liars and fakes. “Someday when I will break through/And nothing you tell yourself/Will save us from the truth,” Lee sings.

“Never Go Back” shows Evanescence’s optimism for love, a refreshing rarity: “I won’t give up on you/I can feel you in my heart, just show me the way/I don’t belong here/Alone.” Aside from “Good Enough”, this is her most optimistic love song.

The last track, “Secret Door”, reminded me of The Open Door, their second studio album. It is slow-paced, dreamlike, and demonstrates Amy Lee’s vocal range. The song is a calming and relaxing end to their third successful album.

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