Nominations for Chancellor

The committee charged with finding a successor to our distinguished Chancellor, The Honorable Gregory Sorbara, invites your suggestions of worthy nominees.

The criteria are as follows:

“The Chancellor of York University should be a highly esteemed individual who is regarded as a visionary leader able to command the respect of the University community. They should appreciate and embody the core values of the University as set out in York’s Mission Statement.  The Chancellor embraces York’s accomplishments and aspirations and carries out the duties of office in a way that enhances the University’s and students’ welfare. With a passion for higher education, they should have the capacity to convey York’s values to the public and to government and to remind the University of the evolving needs and expectations of society. The Chancellor should have the time to confer the University’s degrees at Convocation, to play an active role in the University and to participate in its on-going life. They should not have been Chancellor of another University nor be in a conflict or apparent conflict of commitment between a duty to York and to another University,”

York’s mission statement can be found at:

Suggestions should be forwarded by December 10, 2021 to:

Pascal Robichaud, Secretary of the Search Committee
1050 Kaneff Tower, York University
4700 Keele Street
Toronto, Ontario
M3J 1P3

Any biographical information which might assist the committee in its deliberations would be much appreciated. The committee will consider all suggested names in confidence.