Noticing the little things around York

Illustrations by Riddhi Jani

For my first one and a half years at York, my commute had been the same: walk to the subway station, take the subway, walk to class. It was simple, constant, and boring. Earlier this year I fell into the same mundane trap of a mindless commute to and from the Keele campus. It was seven in the morning when I found myself walking to campus, breaking the cycle. Pathways that would normally be bustling with people were deserted. The roads were bare and, surprisingly, some stars were still visible in the early morning sky.

The following images are a selection of some notable moments during the walk. They were originally photographs that were rendered into illustrations to emphasize parts in the photos that would have otherwise gone unnoticed had they been included here in their raw form.

A pile of leaves wisps and whirls in reaction to my approaching steps.

A bee drinking nectar from a flower just outside the campus.

The Allan I. Carswell Astronomical Observatory backdropped by the last few visible stars as the sun comes up.

The first rays of light hit the York Lions Stadium from behind the Lumbers Building.

A baby squirrel asleep underneath a bench.

About the Author

By Riddhi Jani


Riddhi has a background in biology and possesses an ever-growing enthusiasm for art and writing. Still in search of her own art style, Riddhi takes inspiration from a variety of art forms and media to build her portfolio. She hopes to implement her creative energy into her art as well as her writing as she journeys to improve her outlook on real-world events. When she is not designing, writing, or editing, she can be found adding to her never-ending list of to-be-reads or hiking through the nearest forest (looking for the entrance to a magical land, of course).


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