Loneliness and the Ocean

The blue of the ocean, the weight of the water.

Artist’s Statement

The bubbles fizzle and pop in your ears, the sounds of the ocean intrinsically weaved into nature and Earth. The weightless sensation of being underwater etched into your body and soul, accompanied by perpetual loneliness weighs heavy on your heart.

As water and time flow, you learn to enjoy being alone, the silence, the occasional sounds of fish swimming by, and the sunlight hitting your skin as it shines from just above the surface. You learn to enjoy and embrace your own company. The loneliness that once weighed heavy on your heart has now become a joy.

When the time comes, you swim back to the surface, catch your breath, and return to the world. The heaviness of the water seeped into your clothes, a small reminder that there is always a place for you to return. Return to the water and enjoy your own company when the time is right once again. 

This piece uses the ocean to convey the journey of learning to enjoy your presence. Using colours, composition, and most of all, environment to set a mood. It is a reminder that there is always a place to come back to, where you can enjoy your own company as much as that of others.

About the Author

By Caroline Phan


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