Choose To Be

Photo by Heidi Fin on Unsplash

As a kid, I couldn’t wait to grow up
I looked at adults
Talking among themselves
Engaged in a language
That I couldn’t understand
But the only reply I’d get was
“You’d understand when you’re older.”
But as I started to grow up
I realized that adults have their own demons
They always have something to hide
Something to protect,
Something to defend
They protect their secrets
And guard it with their lives
They lie, they cheat, they self sabotage
They get stuck in this endless mirage
Of trying to live this perfect life
Trying to make other people happy
Blinded by their own reality
Only to have their hearts broken
When things don’t work out
The way they had hoped.
We get so wrapped up
With the wishes of our families
Our shoulders heavy
With the weight of responsibilities,
We try to follow the same path
But we’re scared to live our lives
The way we please

But there’s also something so liberating
About finally being an adult
Something so freeing about
Choosing who you want to be
Seeing the things, the places
The people we’ve always wanted to see
Building your dream house
Traveling from one country to the next
To see which culture, you like the best
To eat food you’ve never tried
To sit down near the seas
And see the different colors of the sky;
To meet new people and hear their stories
To find out the similarities
You never knew you had;
To know that you’re never truly alone
Because in a world full of people
Who have lived a million different lives
There would be thousands of people
Who would make you feel grateful to be alive
Because in my opinion,
It’s the best part of being an adult
The ability to choose what you believe in
Whether it’s love, a lifestyle or a religion;
We have the liberty to choose
What’s worth fighting for,
Or what we got to let go
Even with billions of people out there
We always have a place to reinvent ourselves
To change, to grow.

About the Author

By Akshaya Krishnan


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Soumya Gupta

Great work akshaya!!