Back Home They Buy Plastic Water Bottles Instead of Filling Up For Free

Photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Jesse Kavanaugh on Wikimedia Commons

Outside, oil spills gelatinous, glimmering black rainbows.
But online, on the news, oil spills marmalade flames.
Before it was motorboats scrawling spiderwebs,
Over water, now it boils, roiling thermohaline.

For oil rigs collapse, pipelines burst, carbon spews
In the air, acid in the rain, plastic piles into islands —
We need more than Dawn’s ™ duck soap for what it does

Where it goes; it’s in the system — outside in, ultimately, on
My screen, from me, oil human grease as we scroll, scroll, scroll.
The tides increase not from a leak nor flames, but neglect
As our pointing fingers claw for more, more, more. We claim

The Corporations: “ConAgres Foods, NRG, Exxon Mobile,
Pollute” says Business Insider. But for what it does, and
Where it goes, in the system, how can we say, “not us”?

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By Kaitlyn Langendoen


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