Celebrate Asian Heritage Month at Union Station

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On Tuesday May 7, Canada’s Music Incubator (CMI) collaborates with TD Music to celebrate Asian Heritage Month by hosting a free musical event at Union Station featuring performances from artists Ethan Low and Gurtêj. 

Low, a 23-year-old R&B-pop singer and songwriter from Toronto, shares that he has been writing music for other artists since 2015, and just last year he began to focus on his career as a solo artist. His first record, BUBBLY, earned the #5 spot on the Global Viral Charts.

“As a musical artist, I draw inspiration from real life experiences. I’m the kind of artist where I need to live my music, and that often means putting myself out there to seek new experiences,” says Low. 

He shares that throughout his life, he’s spent lots of time in both Canada and Asia as a Malaysian-Singaporean-Canadian. “It definitely has broadened my perspective on life, being a part of different cultures. In terms of music, its influences can be heard as I try to combine the dark, grittiness of Toronto’s signature R&B style with the catchiness of the music that comes out of Asia.”

Jesse Mitchell, the vice-president of CMI, has been working in the Canadian music industry for over 20 years. He explains that CMI provides a valuable support system for artists developing their careers through providing them with “on-going mentorship at no cost.”

Mitchell shares that the event would not happen without the event’s producers, TD Music and Union Station. “CMI joins TD Music at Union Station in celebrating Asian Heritage Month, with these opportunities to demonstrate how we come together, and showcase our connections, and amplify diverse voices, helping drive positive change for a more optimistic and inclusive future for all Canadians.”

Mitchell continues that, at the performance, he is most “looking forward to Ethan Low’s performance, who I first saw at his sold out show at TD Music Hall earlier in the year and was blown away by his talent.”

Low adds, “I love performing, so it’s always a pleasure to be able to do that, especially for such an amazing event. I’ll be performing a few unreleased songs off my next 2000’s-inspired project that I’m sure York students will enjoy! I’ll also be talking about my journey throughout my intimate set, which I’m excited about because it’ll give my fans a deeper insight on the music.”

To learn more about this free event, click here.

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