Vanier College Productions presents the Vanier Improv Company

(Courtesy of Mathilda Roy, featuring Ibrahim Mahajir, Ben Giannis, Corrine Hoang)

On March 12 and April 2, the Vanier Improv Company (VIC) from Vanier College Productions (VCP) will host their last two improvisational comedy and sketch performances of the year in the Fred Thury Studio Theatre.

Corinne Hoang, a second-year media arts student, shares that she was excited to learn about the VIC when she became a York student. She has been doing improv from a young age, since improv was part of her French elementary school curriculum. 

“The most rewarding part of being part of VIC is being able to grow on my comedic skills as well as make amazing friends. The people in VIC are truly the most positive and supportive people out there,” says Hoang.

Tanya Binod Mampilli, a second-year criminology student, reflects this sentiment, saying: “The most rewarding aspects of the VIC are definitely the amazing people I’ve met and the friends I’ve gained. The improvisation of the scenes and events have also really pushed me out of my bubble and made me try new things and that’s really been a boost to my confidence.”

According to an article from Psychology Today, improvisation can be extremely beneficial to students as it can improve confidence, ease social anxieties, decrease stress, and boost creativity.

“I didn’t go into auditions expecting to join improv, but it has given me the chance to explore a type of acting that I had never considered. And I met some of my best friends there too,” reflects Emily Swartz, a second-year theatre student.

Exploring a variety of ideas that are clever, unexpected, and exhilarating, the VIC shows present a cast of 14. They have been performing regularly on Tuesday evenings throughout the school year and will host two more performances before the end of the semester.

“Audiences can expect to laugh hysterically, maybe even snort. We’ll be covering a lot of themes in regards to events that’s happening at the same time, like St. Patrick’s Day, and we will always come back even funnier for the next performance,” adds Mampilli. 

Hoang continues that “some of the things we do in our shows we would have never thought we would have to say out loud so I think it’s cool for others to be able to witness people saying the wildest and sometimes controversial things.”

VCP is a student-oriented company of multi-faceted performers and technicians from all programs and disciplines at York. Dedicated to providing an inclusive space for students, they provide extra-curricular opportunities for students to get involved in theatre, musical theatre, dance performances, and more.

To learn more about VCP and the VIC, click here. Tickets are only available with cash at the door, and each ticket is suggested to be $5.

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By Sydney Ewert

Arts Editor

Sydney is in her third year at York University studying Dance. She loves to travel and explore new places. When Sydney is not editing, working, or studying for her classes, she is likely going for walks or learning new recipes.


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