Industry Talks Series: Featuring Ingrid Veninger and Nikki Foy

(Courtesy of Chirag Ajit Prabhu)

On Sept. 29, the York University Media Motion Studio (YUMMS) will present the Industry Talks Series in collaboration with OYA Black Arts Coalition. This particular event will be hosted by Ingrid Veninger, a cinema and media arts professor and filmmaker, with guest speaker, Nikki Foy, screenwriting alum.

The Industry Talks Series is a monthly event for students and faculty to listen to a curated panel of professionals from a wide-range of disciplines to discuss entrepreneurship and career-pathways.

“It’s an amazing series of events because we can hear great lectures and network, which is an integral part of the event. So, it is a beautiful opportunity to meet people and make connections,” says Boris Licina, a third-year screenwriting student. 

Veninger has had her work featured internationally in locations such as Rotterdam, Busan, and Rome, amongst many others. While she explains that this discussion will focus on career pathways, Veninger adds, “These candid conversations will offer meaningful insights on how to cultivate sustainable careers in the arts. Participants will become part of the YUMMS community and have opportunities to foster new connections and expand industry networks.”

Licina explains that this event will not only be a great lecture, but will also give students the opportunity to network and talk with faculty members who are in the industry. “Students should use the chance to talk with people from the industry, introduce themselves, and have fun. An important part of students’ well-being is finding time to have fun — this event will definitely check that mark.”

While Veninger will offer valuable information about the film industry, Foy currently works as the lead scriptwriter at Ubisoft, a video game publishing company. Foy has also worked on independent film projects, games, and interactive fiction.

“If you are a gamer or are interested in the industry, the lecture on the 29th is the place to be — it’s a rare opportunity to hear firsthand how to write for games,” adds Licina.

In addition to the lecture, each series will present a Q&A session along with a social mixer and snacks. The series will be presented on the last Friday of each month, with the exception of December. To RSVP, email; to learn more about this event, click here.

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By Sydney Ewert

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Sydney is in her third year at York University studying Dance. She loves to travel and explore new places. When Sydney is not editing, working, or studying for her classes, she is likely going for walks or learning new recipes.


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