Vanier College Productions Presents Show Choir

Photo Courtesy of Vanier College Productions

On March 23-26, Vanier College Productions (VCP) presents the Show Choir, a performance by a group of York students (also called Show Choir) celebrating music and dancing through various show tunes and popular music.

Julianna Greco, a fourth-year dance student, is the choreographer for the show and says that, “Show Choir has had a special place in my heart since I was in high school, and it has been an absolute privilege to choreograph the Show Choir performance as this is the first one since before the pandemic. It has been very rewarding working with this cast and seeing them all grow as performers with many talents.”

Coming from various backgrounds and disciplines found at York, Show Choir offers the opportunity for students to connect through a passion for the arts. Abi Muraleetharan, a first-year health studies student, explains that Show Choir has fostered a vibrant environment to look forward to each week.

“This is my first year with VCP and Show Choir, which has been such a blast,” says Muraleetharan. “I was so nervous before our first rehearsal as I never had any prior experience in Show Choir, besides elementary school. All my fellow Show Choir members have become some of my great friends and I love working with them. We all support each other and have so much fun during rehearsals. 

I [also] love the diverse song selection our creative team has chosen for us — from musical theatre to pop, there is something for everyone.” 

Greco reflects this sentiment, saying that, “I think everyone will appreciate the wide variety of songs and uplifting choreography, as well as some very beautiful ballads that sound amazing within the harmonies. I believe there will be at least one song — if not all of them — that resonate with the audience!”

According to Nile Academy, extracurricular artistic activities create an environment for students to express themselves and try new things. It can also offer a space to practice mental wellness and self-care.

“I think that Show Choir is a great place for people who haven’t experienced performing before to start performing,” says Kyle Yu, a first-year film production student. “There’s a lot of talented people who have solos and duets, and those are going to sound amazing.”

Muraleetharan adds that, “students and faculty will look forward to seeing exciting, uplifting, and inspiring performances from us. The performance is one that will make you clap or dance along and choreography that I guarantee will be stuck in your head three days after the show.”

Show Choir will be presented tomorrow at Vanier College in the Fred Thury theatre. 
To learn more about this performance or to purchase tickets, click here.

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By Sydney Ewert

Arts Editor

Sydney is in her third year at York University studying Dance. She loves to travel and explore new places. When Sydney is not editing, working, or studying for her classes, she is likely going for walks or learning new recipes.


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