Podcasts: A means for continual and endless learning

There are various types and genres of podcasts out there that can give students insights to different topics that may be relevant to their lives. (Courtesy of Spotify)

Podcasts can come in many forms, including interviews, roundtables, fiction, and non-fiction. Students may seek educational podcasts for learning about new topics, comedy to help destress, as well as fitness and self-help to maintain physical and mental health. 

Excalibur spoke with York students and community members who have weighed in on their love of podcasts, and recommend their top programs to listen to.

Charles Chang, a fourth-year student in the bachelors of commerce marketing program, fully understands the hectic nature of student life and believes sitting down to watch a two hour video may not seem feasible. “I can play podcasts while doing chores, grocery shopping, and even

commuting. It adds joy and company to the mundane tasks of life — who knows, you might

even learn a thing or two.” Chang prefers to listen to Origins, an in-depth conversation between host and theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss and other brilliant minds from a wide range of fields.

Shifali Verma, a fourth-year student in the bachelor of commerce marketing program, actively listens to The Office Ladies. “I do think it’s a great way to destress as it’s a funny podcast.” This podcast features Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey breaking down episodes of the sitcom show, The Office. “I find it really useful to listen to podcasts on my commute to York. It’s a great way to turn an otherwise long and tedious journey into something fun.”

Katherine Ong, a fourth-year student in the bachelor of commerce marketing program, recommends The Financial Confessions, hosted by Chelsea Fagan. “The podcast focuses on money advice from highly successful CEOs, reality stars, financial experts, and influencers. They share financial secrets in the industry and their lives, mistakes they learned, triumphs they had, and many tips and tricks for the listeners. It is a place where individuals can speak honestly about money and allow young professionals like university students to learn a trick or two before

heading into the real world.”

Another student at York, who wishes to remain anonymous, advocates for the educational podcast, Stuff You Should Know. “Stuff you Should Know is a great podcast that dives into anything and everything, providing the listener with an in-depth exploration on the selected topics. This is a wonderful podcast for students, as it can provide them with interesting and useful knowledge.”

Professor James Simeon, head of McLaughlin College, explains that “the advantage of using podcasts is their simplicity. It is used most appropriately perhaps in those situations where visual content is not essential. In terms of convenience, you can listen to a podcast virtually anywhere.”

Specific to the educational purposes of podcasts, Simeon says, “Podcasts are part of a wide range of online teaching and learning tools that are used by both university instructors and

students. Audio learners probably gravitate naturally to podcasts for their preferred online learning device for such disciplines as the languages and literary studies, especially poetry.”

Further speaking on the advantages of listening to podcasts, Professor Pilar Carbonell-Foulquie explains that they like the portability and flexibility that podcasts offer. “Podcasts can be listened to anywhere at any time such as while commuting, being in the kitchen, or going for a walk. Also, unlike journal articles, podcasts are good to learn about very specific, offbeat, and current topics.

“One of the marketing podcasts I follow addresses topics such as fake Hollywood brands and cemetery tourism. Often with podcasts, content is delivered in an entertaining and informative way, which is always a plus,” Carbonell-Foulquie adds.

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