Autumnal poetry

Courtesy of Riddhi Jani

“Lingering Ghost”

I felt him lingering
I felt him staring

His presence made me shiver
He made me quiver

If he wanted to, he could be dreadful, he could be mean
His glowing silver presence was ravine

But looks aren’t everything, even though he was an eerie thing

He gave comfort in loneliness
He gave protection at night

His cold lips would kiss my neck
His cold hands would wrap around my back

He is my secret, for if he was known
He would be mocked and feared

He was a ghost
My ghost lover at most

Our love was strange, our love was quiet

It made me protest life and him, riot death
For we could never be one, as long as I had a human form, and him none

So, he will forever be my lingering ghost
The one I love the most

“Fall Like Autumn”

When the sun steps aside, the green of the leaves begins to hide

Cold, crisp wind takes form
The spirit of summer begins to transform

October becomes the death of bright days
And candles begin to light hallways

Autumn is a season for all, even though she’s a season of fall

Trees let go everything they harbour
How beautiful are they, for they show us the armour in letting go

Autumn is a season of change, for she keeps us entertained with all the glory of her colours

Fallen leaves are never dead, for they dance in the breeze
They find a new way to live, but one we often cannot see

Perhaps you should fall too and become an autumn
Succumb to the wind and for a little while, become numb

When the sun comes back in sight, you’ll take flight and glow like a new light

Autumn is a season of change, a chance to rearrange

She is a season of stillness, and a chance given by nature to embrace frailness

For regrowth is ensured, because after grey days, light will always make way

“A Child’s Dream”

When black cats are seen, and witches walk the street
The moon glows brighter each time a child says “trick o’ treat”

Humans take the form of goblins, warlocks, and ghosts
Halloween is the day a child’s dream whirls them most

As the night goes on, sweets weigh bags down
The light of a new day begins to come around

Just like that, the day to pretend is over
And it will come again next October

About the Author

By Javeria Rana


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