The inner workings of a Spacegirl

Spacegirl: (noun) She's always lost in her own thoughts.

Artist’s Statement:

Spacegirl is not a self-portrait, but calling it one wouldn’t be inaccurate either. After all, it mirrors my thought processes while creating the piece.

The idea for Spacegirl came to me one day while washing a mug. The water and soap suds created a slurry that, against the blue and violet swirls on the mug, resembled a galaxy. Entranced by this image, I found myself attempting to recreate what I saw in my head only to realize that the only way I could better understand my vision was if I made it a reality. 

After nearly a week of scribbling away at my computer screen, fiddling with different textures and colour combinations in Autodesk Sketchbook, the Spacegirl you see before yourself was born.

A majority of the inspiration for Spacegirl‘s colour palette was drawn from my fascination with retrofuturism. The neon pink and teal hues along with the glowing ring around the subject’s head are all reminiscent of synthwave aesthetics from the 1980s. 

The galaxy backdrop is the only part of the final image in which the colours have been blended to appear softer and muted. Against the sharp contrast of the foreground elements and much like real outer space, the background captures a vast unknown that is full of opportunities and ideas. 

A small part of the background is included in each panel to create a cohesive art piece that could also function as individual abstract art pieces or “ideas” when displayed separately. 

About the Author

By Riddhi Jani


Riddhi has a background in biology and possesses an ever-growing enthusiasm for art and writing. Still in search of her own art style, Riddhi takes inspiration from a variety of art forms and media to build her portfolio. She hopes to implement her creative energy into her art as well as her writing as she journeys to improve her outlook on real-world events. When she is not designing, writing, or editing, she can be found adding to her never-ending list of to-be-reads or hiking through the nearest forest (looking for the entrance to a magical land, of course).


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