Lockdown Reopening, Day 1

(Illustration by Bhabna Banerjee)

About the Author

Bhabna Banerjee

By Bhabna Banerjee

Creative Director


Bhabna is an illustrator, designer, and commercial artist from Toronto, Canada. She has a bachelor’s degree in Media Production with a minor in Graphic Design from York University, and works as a multimedia designer for creative agencies and publications based in Canada. Bhabna is passionate about visual storytelling and incorporates her highly detailed, vibrant style of illustration in her work. Her work has been recognized by 'Applied Arts Magazine', 'Comm Arts Magazine' and 'El Tecolote' among others and has been featured in a variety of exhibits in India, Canada and the United States. Beyond that, she loves to dabble in videography, set design, and any new mediums of art she can get her hands on.


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